The Palatinal Brush has a unique design that is ideal for polishing hard to reach palate area. The new designed brush if fitted on a tapered spindle and a plastic center with automatic centration. The brush is used with pumice for high shine.

  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: 1670152
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P-12 Black Bristle Polishing Brush on Steel hubs

Medium stiff bristle mounted on a steel hub.  Centre of hub is nylon

1 7/8″ with cotton #16.402

1 3/4″ no cotton #16.400 (3/16″ hole)

2 1/2″ no cotton (1/4″ hole)

  • Quantity: dozen
  • Item number: see product info
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The Calico Interleaved Lathe Brush is a diverse 3-1/8” dia. polishing brush. It has three rows of converging bristles and two rows of Muslin buffs. The bristle is made of Chung King bristle with Muslin buff interwoven. This item is long lasting and saves time and labor. It polishes much faster than the standard brush.

  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: 1170215
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Abbott Robinson Bristle Brushes

Classic, high quality natural bristle brushes ideal for cleaning and polishing of denture acrylic, cleaning interproximal spaces after denture deflasking, and for general laboratory polish-ing applications.

These well-known, industry-standard brushes also excel at applying polishing materials and at polishing of labprocessed composites, metal and ceramic crowns.

  • Durable design features permanently attached bristles for improved performance and extended life without flairing
  • Available in Soft, Standard Stiff and Extra stiff
  • For use in all polishing, finishing and cleaning tasks
  • Solid carbon steel plated mandrels for excellent fit and durability
  • Several popular sizes available for versatile use and improved accelss

#11 (11/16″)           #12 (3/4″)

Brush Style:   Soft – Brown, Standard Stiff – Silver Grey, Extra Stiff – Black

  • #11 Soft:  Dozen #06061, Bulk (144) #06064
  • #12 Soft:  Dozen #06141, Bulk (144)
  • #11 Standard Stiff:  Dozen  #06081, Bulk (144) #06084
  • #12 Standard Stiff:  Dozen #06161, Bulk (144) #  06164
  • #11 Extra Stiff:  Dozen #06101, Bulk (144) #06104
  • #12 Extra Stiff:  Dozen #06191, Bulk (144) #06194
  • Quantity: dozen or gross
  • Item number: see product info
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Porcelain Brushes

BesQual Porcelain Brushes with black handle:

  • High glexibility
  • Great quality at economical price
  • Excellent resistance to fraying and separation
  • Holds shape and maintains fine point longer

10 – OR, 00R, 0R, 1R, 2R, 3R, 4R, 5R, 6R, 8R, 10R, 12R, 14R

4F – Flat (Paste brush)

5 – O – Oval


BRUSH MATE TM helps maintain the best condition of your brushes for long lasting use.

Easy access water bucket and Pop-up Sponge provides clean and neat work area. Pop-up sponge removes excess water for best work and it maintains moisture and sharp brush tips.

Set Includes:
2 – Pop-up Sponge & 1 Water bucket with sponge holder

Order Code: BrushMate
Item Number: #295-000

  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: see product info
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