Duplicating Materials

Wirogel-M by Bego

The universal and reversible duplicating material on an agar-agar base for investment material, plaster and acrylic casting technique

  • Areas of application: all phosphate-bonded investment materials, all good type 4 plasters and diverse possible applications in connection with the acrylic casting technique
  • Very high reproduction accuracy; smooth model surfaces produce work results that meet the highest demands also in terms of precision
  • Thermo-stability of at least 30 days and 15 melting cycles, very good cost-benefit ratio
  • Price for duplication with Wirogel M is over five times less expensive than with silicone; the costs for the duplicating unit are already taken into account
  • Colour geared to contrast optimization for optimal process reliability

Ticogel Hydrocolloid All-Purpose

It is a versatile product that can be used for all investment material

Agar in gel state, has excellent elasticity of agar, not agar and long life

Boiling Temperature 88 – 91 degrees C

Operating Temperature 52 – 57 degress C

Technadent All Purpose Duplicating Material

Reversible hydrocolloid duplicating material used with all investment types. Also used for duplicating stone models.

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