Infection Control

BioSURF by Micrylium

BioSURF is the world’s fastest one step surface disinfectant. Unlike most disinfectants that can take up to 10 minutes to disinfect, BioSURF works within seconds. Despite the impressive performance, BioSURF is designed to not harm people or the environment. BioSURF is the perfect choice for rapid disinfection of counters, trays, metal instruments and other surfaces.

  • Works in dirty conditions
  • Compatible with silicone, alginate and polyvinylsiloxane
  • Designed to remove proteins, inks, dyes, lipids, waxes and oils
  • Quantity: 5L container
  • Item number: 1068
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BioMERS by Micrylium

BioMERS is an immersion bath ideal for most instruments and tools. While other immersion baths can take 40 to 90 minutes to reach a tuburculicidal level, BioMERScan acheive this benchmark in just one minute. BioMERS contains no glutaraldehyde or acids and is safe for professionals and patients.

  • Protects professionals and devices during aseptic processes
  • pH neutral formula will not corrode metals
  • Designed to remove proteins, inks, dyes, lipids, waxes and oils
  • Quantity: 5L container
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BioSON by Micrylium

BioSON is concentrated universal device detergent. This unique formula contains four enzymes that rapidly break down bioload. It contains antimicrobial additives to reduce the odours and bacterial aerosols created by the ultrasonic bath. It can also be a very effective instrument pre-soak and multi purpose detergent.

  • Removes stain and tartar
  • Powerful 4 enzyme formula to rapidly digest proteins
  • Chlorhexidine ensures safety and longevity
  • Quantity: 10 packs of 50ml/box
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BioTEXT by Micrylium

ioTEXT is the only clinical disinfectant specifically designed for use on delicate surfaces. It is proven to kill benchmark organisms on naugahyde, leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Ideal for tubing, fabrics, carpets, touch screens and soft plastic surfaces such as keyboards.


  • One step cleaning power
  • Gentle formula for use on delicate and textured surfaces
  • Complete stain and odor elimination


  • Biodegradable and absorbent
  • Strong non-woven material designed for use on irregular surfaces
  • Resealable package keeps product fresh
  • Quantity: ### sets a box
  • Length: ##mm
  • Item number: ##
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MouthOff by Micrylium

Mouth off is an effective spray that helps ensure a hygienic environment on mouth-guards, orthodontic appliances, snore guards, dentures, and many other oral appliances.

  • Cleanse and refresh without staining
  • Prevents foul odors and tastes
  • Compatible with soft plastics, metal, silicone and acrylic
  • Quantity: 60ml spray bottle, case of 10
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