Tray Materials

SR-Ivolen Tray Material by Ivoclar

SR Ivolen Tray Material

This stable non-stick multi-purpose tray material is characterized by its optimum setting phase. It can be used with all dental impression materials applied with adhesives.


  • Easy to adapt and supplement
  • High accuracy of fit of completed implant restaurations


  • Customized impression trays for impressions of implant situations
  • Base plates
  • Mounting of intraoral records

Colour:  Beige

  • Quantity: Standard Kit
  • Item number: 5082
  • 500ml Liquid #5083
  • 2500ml Liquid #5083.1
  • 2 x 500gr Powder #5085
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Instant Tray by Langs

Instat Tray by Langs

A self-curing powder and liquid combination that produces superior custom trays in less than eight minutes

  • Easy to use: can be molded up to the time it sets with no springback or subsequent chemical or dimensional change.
  • Adequate working time: working time is six minutes, with a complete set in less than eight minutes.
  • Economical to use: combines excellent quality custom tray acrylic that is easy to use with a more competitive price than other brands.

Liquid 118mL
Liquid 236mL
Liquid 473mL
Liquid 946mL
Liquid 3.8L

  • Quantity: 25lbs Powder White
  • Item number:  5087
  • Liquid quart #5088
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Premium Tray Material by Denplus

Premium Tray Material
An exceptional self-cure acrylic for individual tray & base plate.
  • Excellent flexibility and adaptation
  • Stretchable and non-sticky
  • Stable, no springiness and distortion free
  • Moldable in few seconds
  • Color : white, pink, yellow and blue
  • Kits contains fast liquid, Tray-F
Monomer Fast (Tray-F):


Gel time (sec)

20 to 30

Working time (min)

2 to 3

Setting time (min)

6 to 7

Premium Tray resin can also be ordered with regular liquid (Tray-R).
  • Quantity: 5lb P&L
  • Item number: 5086
  • Liquid litre fast #5081
  • Liquid litre regular #5081R
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Light Cure Tray Material


Megatray is a light curing tray material for the fabrication of individual custom trays with extremely high dimensional stability.

The composite resin is presented in form of contoured wafers in the colors pink, blue and transparent (natural).
The simple processing of Megatray with a long mode- ling- and processing time makes the efficient producti- on of individual custom trays in the laboratory and dental cabinet possible.

The universal form and the consistent thickness of 2.2 mm of Megatray allows the production of upper and lower trays.

The grip can be made from the rest of the material.

After modulation Megatray must be cured in a light curing unit, e. a. Megalight, for app. 5 minutes.

The consistently high quality of the material guarantees a minor polymeriza- tion shrinkage (below 2 vol.%) and excellent form sta- bility.


  • Quantity: box of 50
  • Item number:
  • Pink #5090
  • Blue #5090.1
  • Pink Thin (1.4mm) #5091
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Light Cure Oven

ProCure 300 Light Oven by National Keystone

 The ProCure 300 Light Oven is an advanced third generation light curing unit that provides superior lighting intensity and excellent depth of cure. The ProCure 300 has been designed to provide the maximum light intensity without the negative heat buildup.

– A highly reflective chamber for uniform light coverage
– A rotating glass platform to ensure uniform light
– A built-in fan to maintain optimum temperature to eliminate warping
– Two powerful halogen bulbs to ensure excellent intensity and depth of cure
– A protective welder

BesQual E300 Curing light by Meta

  • Cures light activated composites
  • Includes four 9 watts bulbs
  • 5.80 x 5.40 inches Tray
  • Heavy duty and durable for long lasting use
  • Equipped with 5 and 10 minute timer
  • Size: 11(h) x 7.5(w) x 4.25(h) inches

(Replacement Bulbs available for purchase)

Coltolux® LED Curing Lights by Coltene Whaledent

Slim, Powerful, Cordless

The Coltolux LED combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless lightweight pen-style design. The Coltolux LED’s heat sink technology reduces the amount of heat emission and eliminates the need for active cooling.

  • The slim curing probe is ideal for hard to reach posterior areas. Its slim shape enhances visibility of the restorative material during the light curing process.
  • dome shaped lens concentrates light output on the restoration.
  • high output LED for fast cures.
  • LED light output matches the absorption spectrum of Camphorquinone (CQ) Photoinitiators.
  • audible signal every ten seconds and automatic power saving sleep mode after 20 seconds of operation.
  • hundreds of cures with a fully charged battery.

Tray Handles (100/Pkg) by Buffalo Dental 

Unique small aluminum handles that can be attached to warm vacuum formed trays.
Simple timesaving technique – briefly heat the tray handle in a flame and press into position on the warm tray.
  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: 5092
  • Quantity:  each
  • Item Number:   5096
  • Quantity:  Each
  • Item Number:  5095
  • Quantity:  100/bag
  • Item Number: 5093
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