Flasking Stone

RapidFlask™by Whip Mix

Flowable Flasking Stone ISO Type 3

RapidFlask™is a flasking stone that is fluid enough to flow without vibration into all areas of the denture wax up, creating an exceptionally accurate reproduction. RapidFlask is fast setting and ready to separate in 20 minutes allowing multiple pours improving lean process efficiency in the lab.


  • Pourable – Flows without vibration into all areas of the denture wax-up
  • Accurately Reproduces Detail – Reduces finishing time and flask repairs
  • Low Compressive Strength – Easily removed after processing
  • Can Pour 5 Flasks in Less Amount of Time – Improves LEAN process efficiency in the lab

Physical Properties:

  • Water/Powder Ratio:  35ml / 100g
  • Working Time:  2-3 minutes
  • Setting Time:  5-7 minutes
  • Expansion:  (%).10%
  • Compressive Strenghth:  3,500 psi (25 MPa)
  • Quantity: 50lb box
  • Colour: Ivory
  • Item number: 1454
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Flo-Flask by HiTec

Flo-Flask is a meticulously accurate flasking stone combined with the speed and efficiency of flow stone.

FloFlask is poured into the flask with no vibration while creating a precise impression of the denture wax-up.

FloFlask™s creative properties provide the most accurate mold, free of voids and fully set in 20 minutes.

FloFlask provides labs the most efficiently accurate flasking technique and is ideal for any form of denture processing.

  • Quantity: 50lb box
  • Colour: blue
  • Item number: 1452
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FlowStone by Whip Mix

Fluid, Low-Expansion Base Stone ISO Type 4

FLOWSTONE produces accurate, bubble-free bases without vibration, making it ideal for use with base formers.

Its extended working time allows the pouring of multiple bases with one mix.

The dense surface resists dowel pin abrasion and the low setting expansion of FlowStone produces a dimensionally stable base for master models.

  • Water/Powder Ratio:  22-24 mL / 100 g
  • Working Time:  6 – 9 minutes
  • Setting Time:  12 minutes
  • Setting Expansion:  0.08%
  • Compressive Strength: Wet (1 hr.)6,000 psi (41 MPa)
  • Compressive Strength: Dry (48 hrs.)12,000 psi (83 MPa)
  • Quantity: 50lb box
  • Length: ##mm
  • Item number: 1450
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