Bego Wirovest

Standard investment material for the partial denture technique

Conventionally heatable precision casting investment materials for partial dentures

  • Tried-and-tested partial denture investment material with simple processing
  • Remarkably good results with the gel duplication technique
  • Very smooth model surfaces in duplication with silicone, thus also suitable for combination work
  • Excellent fit, high edge strength for precise casting results
  • Complication-free processing under all laboratory conditions ensures high reproducibility in daily laboratory activities
  • Particularly cost-effective thanks to the use of water for pouring the cylinder
  • Very clean casting thanks to the minimal reaction between the investment material and the alloy
  • Wirovest® plus further development of the tried-and-tested basis Wirovest® amazes with its extended working time for all indications
Physical data
Mixing liquid BegoSol® (Anti-freeze optimization up to –10 °C)
Processing time at 20 °C approx. 3 minutes
Shelf life in unopened bag 24 months
Characteristic values of the material according to DIN EN ISO 15912
Beginning of solidification (Vicat time) 5 minutes
Compressive strength [MPa] 15 MPa
Linear thermal expansion [%] 1.15 %

Begosol liquid

Mixing liquids for Bego Investment Materials. Available in 1L and 5L.

Depending on alloy and area of application,BegoSol can be mixed with distilled or demineralised water to the concentration required.

  • Quantity: 1L or 5L container.
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