Metal Articulators


The K-Brass Denture Articulator has the same features as the K-Chrome but is made of a softer and longer-lasting brass.

The simple articulator is machined to procude maximum accuracy.

The articulator fives easy access to all surfaces, easy to adjust and can be taken apart and assembled quickly

  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: Brass #1050147 / Chrome #1050145
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The Keystone Crown & Bridge K-Chrome Articulator is specifically engineered for crown and bridgework.

It’s easy to adjust and easy to separate parts.

These articulators are machined for quality and accuracy.

  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: Brass #1050147 / Chrome #1050145
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Lightweight anatomic articulator made of aluminium die-casting.

It can be used following the geometrical laws of medium values (Bonwill triangle).

Fixing according to centric.Automatic return to the hinge axis with springs. Perfect stability also in reversed position.

Easy access and visibility to the lingual surfaces.

Interchangeable self centring aluminium mounting plates (code 5000-1) or magnetic plates (code 5000-1M).

Pure translation movement (key and instructions included).

Anti-shock hinge rod in case articulator falls accidentally.

Bigger size lock screws for mounting plates.


1173   Mounting Plates #5000-1

1174   Incisal Tables #5000-4

1174.5  Incisal Table/Rod lock screws #5000-5

1174.6  Lock Screws #5000-6

  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: 5000 / 1172
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