Kewax Wire Wax

Kewax Wire Wax the best wax money can buy. The wax is extruded to a uniformed diameter and provides the proper tackiness and adhesion. Comes in various gauges (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24. Available in 1/2 lb. spools (24 gauge is 1/4 lb. spool).

  • Quantity: roll
  • Item numbers:
  • 6ga 2240
  • 8ga 2241
  • 10ga 2242
  • 12ga 2243
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Utility wax

Utility Wax is especially suited for built up and post-damming purposes. Available in Red Round, White Round, Red Square and White Square. Comes in 1 lb. boxes, 3/16″ size.

  • Quantity: box
  • Item number:
  • Red Square – 3/16 (#1880200) 2248
  • White Square – 3/16 (#1880210) 2249
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Yeti Thowax

Yeti Thowax is an all-natural sculpturing wax that’s suitable for the crown and bridge and inlay technique. Thowax special waxes are specially blended for each individual field of application.
Colors: Grey, Blue, Beige, Green, Beige Opaque, Red, Violet. Comes in 70g tins.
  • Quantity: tin
  • Item number:
  • Red 60gr (1860040) 2201.1
  • Green 70gr (1860047) 2201.2
  • Blue 70gr (1860017) 2204
  • Beige 70gr (1860018) 2282
  • Grey 70gr (1860016) 2283
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Yeti Preci-Dip Dipping Wax

Yeti Preci-Dip Dipping wax offers very precise results and smooth surfaces. The dipping wax creates even wax copings.

Available Yellow and Red color, 150g boxes.

  • Quantity: box
  • Item number:
  • Yellow #1860044
  • Red #1860050
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Sticky Wax by National Keystone

Our Sticky Wax is used to hold or weld materials or pieces together.

The Sticky Wax can also be used to connect or repairs wax patterns.

The wax is melted with a gas flame and used as a modeling wax.

Available in Red Lumps, Yellow Lumps, Corning yellow Sticks and Corning Yellow Lumps.

  • Quantity: Box
  • Item number:
  • Red lumps – 1lb. (#1880750)
  • Yellow lumps – 1lb. (#1880770)
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NewCera CAD/CAM Sculpturing Wax

NewCera CAD/CAM Sculpturing Wax has a melting point of 62C/144F.

  • Quantity: tin
  • Item number:
  • Beige #1910546
  • Green #1910549
  • Grey #1910552
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TYPES – Regular, Hard, and #6.

COLORS – Blue, Ivory, Green, Yellow, Red.

(3 sticks each per box) Blue, Yellow, Green, Red in all types.

Whip Mix inlay waxes are compounded for use in the production of the finest inlays.

They may be flowed in the liquid state, softened over a flame, or in water at 54-60 degrees C (130-140 degrees F) and are easily adaptable to the cavity without crumbling.

They maintain an even degrees of workability over a wide temperature range, assuring ease and accuracy of adaption under pressure.

Wax additions and corrections may be made with resultant homogeneous bonding.

They are particularly outstanding for their excellent carving properties, shave smoothly without chipping or flaking. They conform to F.D.I. Spec. No. 4.

The REGULAR type is especially suited for indirect work at room temperature, or general use in cool weather.

The HARD type has a low flow property and is thus eminently suited for general use in warm weather.  The #6 type is similar in flow to the Regular and is physically harder in carving. Bulk packaging is available in all types and colors.

  • Quantity: container
  • Item number:
  • Regular Green (120 sticks) 2220
  • Hard Green (120 sticks) 2221
  • Hard Blue (120 sticks) 2225
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Life- Like Presentation Wax by Whip Mix

 A white enamel-like wax that makes a more aesthetic case presentation.

The hardness of Life-Like Presentation Wax assures easy carving properties and additions can be made with perfect blending.

Its opacity is sufficient to hide colored die stones even with thin laminate veneer waxups.

The Life-Like Presentation Wax wax-up also aids in the fabrication of temporaries.

Every case presentation with Life-Like reflects the quality, skill and attention to aesthetics the clinician’s practice is built on.

• Item number:
#03875 / 2284 Box of 12 Sticks - 28 g (1 oz.)
#04359 / 2285 Covered Tin - 42 g (1-1/2 oz.)
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