Welding Rod by Nobilium

High quality weld rod for cobalt-chromium partial denture frameworks.

Solder Perfec-Flo

The perfect solder for all electric soldering operations.

  • Triple thickness reduces electrical resistance & provides uniform heat distribution.
  • Will not overheat, ball up or oxidize.

Free flowing solder’s excellent capillary action guarantees:

  • Deep penetration
  • Precise control
  • Exceptionally high strength

Ideal for orthodontic applications, attachments & all partial repairs. Supplied in convenient, easy-to-use triple thick flat strips.

Perfec-Flo Solder comes in 4 strips, each strip weighs 1.5 pennyweight

Western Hinge

Designed to alleviate stress and to maintain comfort and preserve teeth.

Boil-Out Gloves

Extreme, high temperature protection for your hands. These gloves also withstand brief contact with hot metal up to 480 degrees F. Excellent nonslip grip, puncture and great chemical resistance. Insulated, neoprene on cotton interlock with cotton fleece inner liner.

Duplicating flasks by Bego

Combi duplicating flask system

  • Quantity: sold individually
  • Item number: 52090 / 5007
Call 204-953-1222 to Order

Duplicating Flasks by National Keystone

These duplicating flasks are used in producing full or partial dentures. High quality and long-lasting. Available in raised bottom and flat bottom.