Model Stone

Snap-Stone by Whip Mix

High-Strength, Fast-Setting Stone ISO Type 4

SNAP-STONE is an exceptionally fast setting stone with an early high compressive strength, which allows separation of the cast from the impression in 5 minutes. Because SNAP-STONE is fast setting, hand mixing is recommended. SNAP-STONE is compatible with all impression materials and its versatile, light pink color makes it suitable for many uses.

Procedures which can be performed faster with SNAP-STONE include:

  • Bleaching trays
  • Mouth guards
  • Vacuum formed splints
  • Custom trays

Physical Properties:

  • Water/Powder Ratio:  23 mL/100 g
  • Working Time:  60 – 90 seconds
  • Setting Time:  2 minutes
  • Setting Expansion:  0.15%
  • Early Compressive Strength:  Wet (1 hr.) 6,000 psi (41 MPa)
  • Early Compressive Strength:  Dry (48 hrs.) 14,000 psi (97 MPa)
  • Quantity: 50 lb box
  • Colour: blue
  • Item number: 1462
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Dentset Buff by Garreco

Type III Base Stone

This dental stone offers the same unique characteristics as our Tecstone product, with a faster setting time.

Used for full or partial denture models, denture flasking procedures, and recommended for use in basing crown and bridge models.

• All-purpose model stone
• Smooth, strong casts
• Low expansion (0.12%) for accuracy

Indication for use: full or partial denture models, denture flasking procedures, basing crown and bridge models

SETTING TIME: 10-12 min

  • Quantity: 50lb box
  • Colour: buff
  • Item number: 1106750 / 1415
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HITEC Speedset

Speed Up your model work with our Speed Set Version.

No need for Slurry.

When the case is due and you’re running late or you just want to go home early

  • Type 3
  • 30ml of water to 100 grams of powder
  • 3 min. to 5 min setting time
  • 0.19% expansion
  • 8,000 psi
  • Quantity: 50lb box
  • Colour: blue
  • Item number: 1417
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Quickstone Laboratory Stone by Whip Mix

SO Type 3

QUICKSTONE is an economical dental stone with consistent handling properties. Its smooth creamy mix makes it ideal for a variety of lab procedures.

  • Water/Powder Ratio:  28 mL/100 g
  • Working Time:  3 – 5 minutes
  • Setting Time:  10 minutes
  • Setting Expansion:  0.14%
  • Compressive Strength: Wet (1hr.)4,000 psi (27 MPa)
  • Compressive Strength: Dry (48 hrs.)8,000 psi (55 MPa)
  • Quantity: 50l box
  • Item number: 1422 / 1423
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Fluid, Low-Expansion Base Stone ISO Type 4

Produces accurate, bubble-free bases without vibration, making it ideal for use with base formers.

Its extended working time allows the pouring of multiple bases with one mix. The dense surface resists dowel pin abrasion and the low setting expansion of FlowStone produces a dimensionally stable base for master models.

  • Quantity: 50lb box
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