Vacuum Power Mixer Plus & Combination Unit By Whip Mix

Combination Unit Dual Speed

08265 – 115V/60Hz – Complete with 200 ml VAC-U-SPAT and Accessories and 500 ml VAC-U-MIXER

The Combination Unit is equipped with two drive shafts which rotate at different speeds. The faster speed (1,725 RPM) reduces mixing time required for small quantities (90 gram or less) of investment. The slower speed (425 RPM) is for all mixing purposes, with or without vacuum.

  • Quantity: Unit
  • Item number:  Combination Unit #08265 / 3904
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VPM2 Programmable Vacuum Mixing Unit by Whip Mix

The VPM2 is designed for vacuum mixing all types of gypsums, plasters and investments. You can enter up to 30 separate programs using several parameters to custom mix a material. Utilizing multiple stages, the VPM2 can be programmed for time, speed and paddle direction.

  • Pre-mix stage blends powder and liquid using alternating paddle direction, eliminating the need for hand mixing
  • Twin chamber, oil-less vacuum pump offers a powerful vacuum quickly, providing a bubble-free mix
  • Vortex inducing paddle design quickly and efficiently incorporates mix
  • Inlet filter prevents material from entering vacuum pump
  • Display programmable in 5 languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish)
  • Compact, space saving design
29339 VPM2 (115v/60Hz) with wall bracket and 500 mL Vac-U-Mixer
29340 VPM2 (115V/60 Hz) with stand and 500 mL Vac-U-Mixer
29341 VPM2 (230V/50Hz) with wall bracket and 500 mL Vac-U-Mixer
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VPMmini Vacuum Mixer 

Whip Mix introduces a new class of vacuum mixer – the VPMmini. This new affordable mixer offers a number of features rarely found on economical versions of vacuum mixers.

  • 99 custom programs
  • Compatible with VPM2 mixing bowl drive nuts
  • Can be wall-mounted or stand-mounted
  • Strong vacuum holds bowl in position
  • Comes Complete with 500 mL Vac-U-Mixer (item no. 29345)
  • Compatible with all VPM2 Vac-U-Mixers
29400 VPMmini Vacuum Mixer (115V with Stand)
29401 VPMmini Vacuum Mixer (115v with wall bracket)
29402 VPMmini Comp w/Stand (230V)
29403 VPMmini Comp w/Wall Bracket (230V)

Replacement Parts

Vac-U-Mixer Drive Nuts and Chucks

Whip Mix driving motors provide two basic speeds. High speed at 1725 rpm is recommended only for vacuum-investing with the 200 mL or 300 mL VAC-U-SPAT. Because of its small paddle diameter, the VAC-U-SPAT gives the most uniform results with all inlay investments with high speed spatulation.

Low speed at 425 rpm is recommended for all VAC-U-MIXERS when spatulating gypsum materials, alginates and large quantities of investments. The POWER-MIXER with Vacuum provides only low speed. But the COMBINATION UNIT has two drive speeds: the rear Drive Chuck #6108 is the high speed at 1725 rpm, and front is the low speed at 425 rpm. Drive Nuts on the mixing units and corresponding drive chucks on motors have been designed to prevent the interchange of a mixing unit between these two speeds.

Also, the directions of rotation of the drive chucks for these speeds is opposite. The high speed drive chucks of the discontinued VAC-U-VESTOR and the COMBINATION UNIT require a Left-Hand thread for the paddle shaft and drive nut. The low speed drives of the COMBINATION UNIT, and the POWERMIXERwith Vacuum, need a Right-Hand thread for the paddle shaft and drive nut.

It is important, therefore, that the proper drive nut is specified whenever a mixing unit is ordered. And when adapting a mixer already in use the thread direction must be considered — sometimes the entire paddle assembly must be changed.

09091 #6375 Slotted Drive Nut – for operation w/ COMBO UNIT or POWER MIXERS – R.H. Thread
09105 #6865 Slotted Drive Nut (for 1200 mL VAC-U-MIXER or DISC 6″ Mech. Mixer) for operation w/ COMBO UNIT or POWER MIXER- R.H. Thread
09113 #4109 Friction Grip Drive Nut (for 200, 300, and 500 mL size only) for operation w/ VAC-U-VESTER and COMBO UNIT – L.H. Thread
15555 #6393 Drive Nut for operation w/ HANDY-HOLDER on COMBO UNIT or POWER MIXER- R.H. Thread
Plastic Tubing & Connections
09156 #5700 Plastic Tubing, 2-1/4 ft. with Plastic Trap, Trap Cap and “O” Rings
09172 #5701 Metal Trap Cap – with “O” Rings #1 and #2
09180 #5703 Gauze – for Plastic Trap (Pkg. of 6)
09199 #5704 Retainer Spring
09202 #5705 Plastic Trap – with Retainer Spring and Gauze
09211 #5709 Plastic Tubing – 5 ft. length
07366 #4008 “O” Ring #1-5/16″ O.D. – for tip of Trap Cap (Pkg. of 6)
07374 #5702 “O” Ring #2-7/16″ O.D. – fits inside Trap Cap (Pkg. of 6)
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  • Item number: see product info for ordering
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Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle GRAND 

Aerodynamic Stainless Steel Vacuum Investing System

  • Produces ultra-smooth mixing for all investments and gypsums – Three dimensional mixing, all done simultaneously: Horizontal, Vertical & Diagonal
  • Heavy duty mixing bowls with maximum fill line and Inox stainless steel spatulas – Includes 1 ea. Large bowl (500 ml) and 1 ea. Jumbo bowl (900 ml)
  • Hands-Free operation – Unique Venturi uses vacuum to hold bowls; Increases productivity and saves time
  • Includes built-in automatic programmable digital timer with “Auto-Stop” –  Program the amount of mixing time, stops automatically
  • No oil or vacuum pump to maintain, fewer moving parts – Uses unique built-in air pressure “Venturi” system to create full vacuum**
  • Special Bonus: Built-in extra large vibration table with variable speed
  • Built-in air pressure regulator controls optimum level for vacuum
  • Built-in investment and moisture protection filtering systems
  • Spin Cycle can be used on a table or can also be wall mounted