Red Wing Lathe

A full 1/4 HP, 1725/3450 rpm two-speed polishing lathe with 6″ (15.2cm) shaft height. Designed and built for use as a polishing lathe, its tapered shaft will accept standard dental tapered chucks. Includes a left and right chuck remover for easy removal of chucks.

Red Wing Lathe with quick chuk

Model 16B is the Chuk/Changer factory-installed to the right side of a 26A Low Base, Red Wing Lathe. This combination provides the technician with the ultimate in chuck changing efficiency at both high and low lathe speeds.

16 Chuk/Changer Parts and Accessories

• P16-15 Arbor Band Chuck

•P16-16 Spiral Tapered Chuck

•P16-19 Stone Chucks

•P16-20 Mandrel (1/64)

•P16-21H Mandrel (1/32)

• P16-8 Collet Wrench

•P16-10RW Clutch

•P16-ADRW Adapter

•P16-5 Master Large Collet

•P16-6 Master Small Collet

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