10″ – 31 MODEL TRIMMER by Handler

“The Professional” A 10” [25cm] diameter model trimmer powered by a full 1/3 HP ball bearing, capacitor start motor.
Features include:
  • A swing-open front housing for ease of cleaning and wheel changing
  • Internal gutter to facilitate water runoff
  • Full wheel radius water spray for efficient wheel cleaning
  • Drain trough which completely surrounds the model tray to prevent water leakage
  • Large 1” [2.5cm] diameter water exhaust, motor cover with removable top plastic utility tray.

Unit shipped complete, ready to use with minor set-up.

Finished with a durable, baked coating.

12″ 32-3/4″ MODEL TRIMMER BY Handler

A Hi-Torque 12” diameter Model Trimmer powered by a 3/4 HP, capacitor start, 1725 rpm, ball bearing motor.
  • Designed for and built for the very busy laboratory that trims a large quantity of models each day or the technician who wants maximum torque.
  • A full wheel internal water spray washes the entire wheel as it rotates inside the aluminum housing, keeping the trimming wheel clean during operation.
  • This rugged, Hi-torque trimmer is built to provide years of trouble free service.


Handler 31 model trimmer with 10” abrasive disc, 5 gallon cyclone with cartridge filter to trap dust particles for easy disposal.
A 62-II super sucker draws a powerful 110 cfm through the cyclone and entraps particles 0.5 microns and larger.
Hoses connect the 3 components, dust is removed from the work area and falls into a 5 gallon cyclone cannister.

10 & 12″ MODEL TRIMMERS by Whip Mix

Quality crafted, easy-to-use Whip Mix model trimmers provide excellent cutting action to produce consistently attractive casts.

Available in a 10″ or 12″ size, all units are constructed of rigid cast aluminum housings and backing plate, and are shipped completely assembled for immediate use.

The 12″ model features a fully adjustable work table with angle ranges from 85 degrees to 120 degrees from the grinding wheel surface. A hinged front cover, held by a single wing nut, allows easy access to change or reverse the abrasive wheel. A full radius water supply provides effective abrasive surface cleaning, while removable clean-out plugs provide access for general cleaning. Unit measures 16″ wide x 17″ high x 15″ deep and comes with a coarse abrasive wheel (40.5 cm x 43 cm x 38 cm).

The 10″ model offers a two-position work table and many of the same general features but in a more compact size and at a lower price.  The 10″ model trimmer requires a space of only 14″ wide x 16″ high x 15″ deep and comes with a coarse abrasive wheel (35.5 cm x 40.5 cm x 38 cm).

*Accessories Include: 

  • Electric Water Valve
  • Water Spray Attachement 
  • Splash Shield

For manual go to:



Provides reversible, reinforced CARBO-DENT WHEELS for all its model trimmers. Handler model trimmer wheels fit most other makes of model trimmer
Reinforced for safety!
  • For Handler Models 31 and 31X and most other model trimmers with 10” diameter wheel, Standard Coarse Replacement Wheel – Order 31A-C
  • For Handler Models 32, 32X and 32-3/4 and most other model trimmers with 12” diameter wheel, Standard Coarse Replacement Wheel – Order 32A-C


Available in 10” and 12” diameters, Kohinoor diamond wheels provide fast, balanced, quiet cutting of gypsum lab models. Designed for the busy laboratory that trims thousands of models, Handler’s diamond model trimmer wheel includes a 3 year warranty.  32KD (12”) – 31KD (10”)
  • 31KD – for Handler models 31 and 31X and most other trimmers with 10” diameter wheels
  •  32KD – for Handler models 32, 32X, 32-3/4 and most other trimmers with 12” diameter wheels

Whip Mix:

Model Trimmer Wheel

12″ Abrasive wheel available in medium, coarse and extra coarse grits. 10″ available in medium grit.

Blue Wonder Diamond Wheels

Diamond particles embedded in fiberglass substrate provide fast, aggressive cutting action. One year guarantee. Available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.

#25143 – Equipped with fully adjustable Work Table and Blue Wonder™ Diamond Wheel (115V/60Hz 1/2 HP)

#25178 – Equipped with fully adjustable Work Table and Blue Wonder™ Diamond Wheel (230V/50Hz 1/2 HP)

  • Quantity: Each
  • Item number:  10" 31-SV w/solenoid valve / 3920
  • 12"  32-3/4 SV w/solenoid valve / 3918
  • Quantity:  each
  • Item Number:   31DTS
  • Quantity:  each
  • Item Number: 10" #09474
  • 12" #09644 / 3922
  • 12" - 3/4 HP Dry Trim #
  • Quantity:  each
  • Size:  10" or 12"
  • Item Number: 10" #1352
  • 12" #1353
  • Blue Diamond Wheel #1359A
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