Valplast Accessories

V-Sep Separator

Ultra-premium separator specially formulated for Valplast® and acrylic injections. A single, thin coat will produce clean, shiny injections right out of the flask, saving time and money in finishing and polishing.

  • Quantity: 1 Gallon
  • Item number: 20256/4768
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Mould release spray

Premium silicone spray facilitates easy movement of the cartridge and bronze disc through the cylinder without the risk of contaminating the denture material.

  • Item number: #20213 / 4769
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Valplast Knife

Valplast Knife for refinement of edges after finishing

  • Quantity: 1 knife
  • Item number: 20509 / 4720
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Valplast Knife Blades 10-Pack

Replacement blades for Valplast knife.

  • Quantity: packs of 10 blades
  • Item number: #20510 / 4721
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