Denture Separators

DVA Acrylic and Plaster Separator 16oz

DVA Acrylic and Plaster Separator

DVA Acrylic and Plaster Separator 16oz

This acrylic and plaster separator (APS) is an insulating, or liquid separating product, ideal for use by the prosthetic, orthodontic, and crown & bridge laboratories.

APS provides the cleanest, easiest separation of dental acrylics from plaster and other gypsums available in the market.

APS will also act as a separating agent when applied between two gypsum materials. It leaves no residual film to take up space and restorations exhibit smoother, cleaner surfaces.

APS provides a range of benefits, like; reducing labour when deflasking, improved accuracy of fit, and reduction in finish and polishing times. It’s the one separator for all resin and gypsum applications.

  • Quantity: 16oz btl
  • Item number: 1391
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Ivoclar Separating Fluid

Separating Fluid demonstrates excellent separating properties and therefore optimally isolates all Ivoclar Vivadent denture base materials and ensures smooth surfaces.


  • Plaster / Denture base material
  • Plaster / Plaster
  • Quantity: 5ltr jug
  • Item number: 530350 / 5102
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Separa Plus by Denplus

Separating fluid that forms very thin film and bonds strongly with the stone model and the plaster investment.
  • Denture surface as smooth as the waxed denture due to its excellent duplicating property
  • Only one application 
  • Nice clear pink color
  • Available in format of 500 ml and 4 l
  • Quantity: 4ltr jug
  • Item number: 5101
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