Ivocap Heat Curing Injection System

SR-Ivocap System

The success of the SR Ivocap Injection System is based on its well thought-out technique. With conventional denture fabrication techniques, the chemical shrinkage of the polymethyl methacrylate during polymerization results in inaccuracies of fit. The SR Ivocap Injection System features controlled heat/pressure polymerization, during which the exact amount of material keeps flowing into the flask to compensate acrylic shrinkage. The SR Ivocap injection procedure permits the fabrication of high-quality dentures that fit outstandingly and are comfortable to wear.


The methyl methacrylate is pressure injected into the flask after mixing. The pressure (6 bar) remains unchanged during the entire polymerization process. In this way, denture base material is continuously pressed into the flask.


Controlled polymerization with continuous compensation of the material shrinkage during the entire process.

The special injection procedure reduces the risk of system-induced increases in vertical dimension.

Heat/pressure polymerization provides good physical properties and a high degree of homogeneity.

The homogeneous SR Ivocap High Impact denture base reduces the risk of possible fracture.

No mixing or dosing errors due to predosed, encapsulated material.

If used correctly, the predosed capsules prevent direct skin contact with monomers. Excellent handling

Ordering Info:

SR-Ivocap Injector Complete #530608EN

Includes:  One Ivocap injector, Clamping Press, 2 flasks complete, Replacement Spring, Capsule Aid, 2 Investment Aids, Injector Tubes, Timer, Inbus key

530610  Injector (Pressure Apparatus)

530612  Clamping press (Flask Holder)

530613   Flask

Includes:  Plastic Insulating tube, 2 flask covers, Flask insulating


530620   Compression Spring Set

142011 Capsule aid

142010  Investment Aid

530614  Timer

NA3700340  Manfredi Hydraulic Press

530643NU   Cap Vibrator

530615  Injection Funnels (50)

142002  Flask Cover

142006  Flask Insulating Shoulder

142009  Plastic Insulating tube

NA3700316  Ivocap Wall Holder (For Injector)

530633  Ivocap Plastic Balls (1000)

  • Quantity: System
  • Item number: 530608EN
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Ivocap Capsules

SR Ivocap High Impact Standard Kit

The predosed SR Ivocap High Impact denture base material demonstrates a consistent quality because it is mixed to a clean homogeneous consistency in the Cap Vibrator.

SR Ivocap High Impact shows a marked improvement in quality over the predecessor material, due to a 25% increase in the impact strength. The material complies with EN ISO 20795-1.

•Highly shock and fracture resistant material for a stable denture base on implants
•Precision fit without vertical increase of occlusion
•Outstanding bond with resin teeth
•Excellent polishability
•Tried-and-tested injection technique

Standard kit:

  • 50 capsules each 20 g polymer and 30 ml monomer
  • 100 funnels
  • 50 pads
  • 100 denture bags


US-L #531402

US-P #531403AN

Preference #559615AN

Preference Implant #629288AN

Clear #530205XN

  • Quantity: case
  • Shade:  US-L, US-P, Preference, Clear
  • Item number: 4970, 4971, 4972, 4973
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SR-Ivocap Elastomer

Standard Kit (10 capsules)

  • A clear flexible acrylic resin with an elstomer base used with the Ivocap system
  • Used to produce positioners, mouthguards, bruxism and bite splints
  • Accurate fit and impact and tear resistance
  • Odorless, tasteless and more comfort for the patient
  • Quantity: box (10 capsules)
  • Item number: 530221EN / 4975
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