Splint and Nightguard Materials

CLEARsplint by Astron

CLEARsplint is the superior and optically clear nightguards with FLEX.

    • Optical clarity is nearly invisible while wearing
    • Composite formulation a mixture of powder and liquid, can be pres-packed or poured
    • Material is stronger with greater stability ideal for bruxism patients
    • Amine-free to never yellow
    • MMA-free* to eliminate allergy problems
    • Self-adjusting when placed in warm water before inserting in the mouth
    • Waterability and patient comfort are rated excellent
  • Quantity: kit
  • Item number:
  • Liquid (240x3) #5052
  • Powder Reg 320 #5053
  • Flex Pwd 960gr #5055
  • Super Econo #5049+
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Impak Mouthguard Material by Nobilium

Impak Mouthguard Material

Impak is a revolutionary material that can be used for both resilient splints and a denture liner. It is available in clear and light pink shades.

  • Quantity: 1lb Powder and liquid CLEAR
  • Item number: 5062
  • 25lbs powder #5059
  • 6lb powder #5060
  • Quart liquid #5061
Also available in Pink
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Proform Niteguard Laminates 

Pro-Form Niteguards 

Pro-Form® Niteguards are layered with soft/soft material, made specifically for the making of niteguards. The layering gives the thermoplastic a more abrasion-resistant characteristic that will withstand grinding better than traditional soft sheet materials.

– Available in 5″x 5″ (127 x127mm) sheets
– .120 (3mm) thickness
– Also available in round
– Available in 12/Pkg

  • Quantity: 12/pkg
  • Item number:
  • 5x5 .120 (3mm) #9602550
  • Round 125mm .120 (3mm) #9602550R1
  • Round 120mm .120 (3mm) #9602550R2
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