ACCUDENT XD Alginate Impression System

AccuDent XD impression materials maintain many of the high quality benefits our customers have come to expect from Accu-Dent impression materials including:

  • Dual-phase alginate materials for more accuracy and precision than traditional alginates
  • Premeasured and packaged for predictable and precise mixing
  • Low cost and fast set time for optimum productivity

The new benefits of the AccuDent XD impression system include:

  • Thermoplastic heat moldable impression trays to accommodate all arch forms
  • A single Tray and Syringe Alginate for both dentate and edentulous impressions
  • Tray alginate with Color Changing properties for precise timing of impression taking

The new AccuDent XD Impression System creates impressions with dimensional accuracy and freedom from air bubbles and voids making it possible to create visibly better primary stone or virtual models. AccuDent XD Impressions are indicated for the fabrication of custom impression trays, cast metal frameworks, orthodontic appliances, opposing models, removable denture, and many other types of dental cases.

  • Quantity: box
  • Item number: Syringe (9gx12) 673470 / 1100
  • Trays (24gx12) 673471 / 1101
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