Zirconia Polish

Zircon Brite

ZIRCON-BRITE is a solid polish provided in a jar that can be used to polish all types of crown and bridge restorative materials. Including:

  • Zirconium Sub-structure Collars
  • Zirconium Full-Contour Restorations
  • Layered Porcelains
  • IPS e.max® and Empress® Porcelains
  • All Cad/Cam Generated Restorations
  • All Composite Restorations
  • Quantity: ### sets a box
  • Length: ##mm
  • Item number: ##
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Z-Shine Diamond Polishing Kit

In one step in 30 seconds or less receive a high gloss finish on all restorations, including hybrid composites, pressed ceramics, and full contour milled zirconia.

Kit includes:
• 5 grams of diamond polish
• #11 Soft Brush Wheel
• 1″ x 1/8″ Felt Wheel

  • Quantity: Kit
  • Item number: 5380
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