SHOFUDura - Green Mounted Stones

Vitrified-bonded diamond abrasive designed for contouring porcelains and ceramic copings.  Dura-Green DIA provides enhanced performance with a smoother, chip-resistant cut verses silicon carbide or diamond burs.  Densely packed diamonds are embedded throughout (from the surface to the core) in a special glass binder offering extended cutting ability up to the last ounce of material.

  • Vitrified bonded diamond abrasive
  • Improved cutting, better than carborundums
  • Reduced chipping & contamination
  • Use Dura-Green DIA Stones for: contouring zirconia porcelain & ceramics
  • Quantity: dozen or pkg of 72
  • Item number: see sizes
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Mounted Points

GREEN:  Made from Silicon carbide grit, these green mounted stones are fast and cool cutting.  12 popular shapes guaranteed to meet your Porcelain, composite, gold & silver finishing requirements.  (12/box)

I-3 #1631205  I-5 #1631194  I-9 #1631195  F2 #1631203  P2 #1631199              T1 #1631208  T4 #1631196  W3 #1631200  W6 #1631201

RED:  Standard point for chrome processors (12/box)

R1 #1631081 (80grit)  R2 #1631091 (120 grit)  R5 #1631111 (120 grit)  R8 #1631141 (120 grit)

BLUE:  Used for finishing chrome alloys & non-precious metals.  The points are made of aluminum oxide and hold their shape while remaining fast cutting and long lasting (100/box)

Large Barrel #1631070  Small Barrel #1631072   Inverted Cone #1631074  Small Taper #1631076

PINK & WHITE:  Made of non-contaminating aluminum oxide. Pink is used for precious ceramic metals while White is used on non-precious ceramic metals (72/box)

PINK: #20P #1631225    #59P #1631235   #30P #1631245

WHITE:  #20W #1631265  #59W #1631275  #39W #1631280  #42W #1631270

  • Quantity: 12 or 72 or 100
  • Length: 3/32" shank
  • Item number: see product description
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META DENTALMounted Points

GREEN:  #101 (HP Shank 2.35mm)  Fine, excellent for fast contouring and finishing porcelain, gold, silver alloys, amalgam and composites.  12 or 100pcs

PINK:  for precious ceramic alloys

WHITE:  for non-precious metals

RED/CORAL:  for chrome cobalt alloys and non-precious metal

BLUE:  for Chrome cobalt alloys and non-precious metals

  • Quantity: 12 or 100
  • Length:  HP Shank 2.35mm
  • Item number: see product description
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