Bite Registration

Jet Blue Bite by Coltene Whaledent

Exceptional Handling, even faster setting and high end hardness ease daily work.

Jet Blue Bite bite registration material flows with a smooth whipped-cream consistency exactly where you want it in a predictable quantity and ideal ribbon pattern. It offers a fast oral setting-time and sets rock hard for greater accuracy but is still flexible enough for easy trimming or cutting. The superior handling characteristics are the key for a perfect occlusal fit on the first try.

  • Stays exactly where you want it
  • No resistance to closure, no rebound!
  • Rock hard for accuracy, yet flexible for easy trimming

Refills include:

4 x50ml cartridges, 1×12 Universal tips, 1×12 Spreader tips



Spreader Tips #C6223 (100) / 1125.9

Universal Mixing Tips #C6001/9694 (40) / 1128.5

Dispenser 50/75ml #C6900 / 1128.6

MilkBite VPS bite registration by Detax

resistance-free bite registration with particularly light-creamy, airy initial consistency. Thixotropic formulation, stable, extra low extrusion pressure.

Makes identification and fixation of the natural bite position without interference significantly easier. Time-saving direct application to the dentition, does not flow away into the interdental spaces, easily removed from mouth. Convenient processing time and extra short oral dwelling time (approx. 50 sec.), patient-friendly. Fracture-resistant, can be milled and cut. Final hardness: approx. 90 Shore A, Medical device Cl. I.
Colour: creamy white 1:1, aroma: ice-cream

Standard packingArticle number: 033802 x 50 ml base + catalyst
8 pcs. mixing cannulas, rose
8 pcs. contouring tips

Virtual Bite Registration by Ivoclar  2 x 50ml

Virtual Bite Registration Material No matter if you are using the open or closed bite technique, having a predictable and accurate bite for model articulation starts with the perfect bite registration material.


Both Virtual Bite Registration and Virtual CADBite are fast-setting, strong, non-slumping registration materials.

Fast With fast intra-oral set times, the risk of distortions and inaccuracies due to patient jaw movements with Virtual Bite Registration materials are substantially reduced.

Strong Due to the high final hardness and high fracture toughness, both materials are easy to trim. Moreover, undesirable shifts are prevented when adjusting the position of the casts in the articulator.


Orange: Virtual Bite registration

Light Blue: Virtual CADBite registration

Refill 2 x 50ml and Mixing Tips

  • Quantity: box
  • Packaging:  4x50ml + accessories
  • Item number: Fast #1127 / Superfast #1128
  • Quantity:  pkg
  • Item Number:  1128.6
  • Quantity:  pkg
  • Item Number:   562842 / 1119.5
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