Brass Dowel Pins #2 Medium (1,000/box)


Telescopic SOFT pins #F-110

Female sleeve of Telescop Soft Pin is made of soft Plastics.
This soft female part provides users feeling tight in the pin-process.
Female sleeve is united shape of sleeve-body and bottom-cap, so there is no need to put the cap on the pin botherly.
Users can separate Female’s cap easily.
Female’s keeping ball can catch the male.


Twin Pins Part #F-210

Male and Female parts are perfectly fitted each other and there is no torsion in the pin.

Male is combined with Female(Sleeves) very softly.

Main materials of die cast Male and Female is zinc, and nickel plated.

Rubbers caps are separated each other, so users don’t need to separate each Rubbers.

Composition: 1,000 Sets /Box
(Male Pins 1,000 Pcs/ Female (Sleeves) 1,000 Pcs/ Rubber cap 1,000 Pcs)


Euro-Pin #F-300

More accurate Pin
Smooth, when male gets fitted into female sleeve.
After insertion, male & female are adhered together accurately.
Two solid metal pins.
Its female sleeve is separated into two parts for its better grip and accuracy.
Precision joining in the portion of retention head.

This thin part of sleeve allows movement from deformation
by the expension of anhydrate and this function compensates the damage
by the deformation.

PINDEX ® by Coltene/Whaledent

Self-Articulating Pins and Sleeves –

Long Pins and Sleeves (1,000) PX-114

Short Pins and Sleeves (1,000) PX-115


The MainStay Dowel Pin System is a uniquely designed system for fabricating crown and bridge working models with sectioned, removable dies.

The protective sleeve and tapered pin’s unique rectangular shape prevents the rotation of sectioned dies utilizing a single pin application.

The protective sleeve grips the dowel pin creating positive indexing while protecting the base stone material from abrasion.

The rubber end cap stabilizes quadrant models prior to base stone application and makes it easy to expose the dowel pin without the use of a dowel pin bur. MainStay Dowel Pin System Item No.

Plastic Sleeves and Rubber End Caps End caps can easily be removed to expose dowel pins – eliminates use of dowel pin bur.

End caps stabilize quadrant model while pouring base stone.

The tapered design creates easy removal and replacement of pinned model. Rubber end cap stabilizes quadrants and eliminates use of dowel pin bur Single pin with unique rectangular design that eliminates rotation Ribbed plastic sleeve holds tight while pin removes easily Metal to stone contact for additional stability

  • Quantity: 1,000 / BOX
  • Item number: 1303
  • Quantity: 1,000 / box
  • Item number: 1304
  • Quantity: 1,000 / box
  • Item number: 1306
  • Quantity: 1,000 / box
  • Item number: 1305
  • Quantity: 1,000 / box
  • Length: Short or Long
  • Item number: #1299 / 1298
  • Quantity: 1,000 / box
  • Item number: 08236 / 1308
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Stone Die & Plaster Hardener by George Taub
Stone Die & Plaster Hardener resin has been designed to significantly reduce abrasion and wear of stone and plaster models.

Apply with brush on stone dies, margins, all occlusal surfaces, abutments, to minimize wear.

Creates negligible film thickness. Its thin consistency allows penetration of it’s plastic component into the hardest of stones, making not only a harder surface, but one that is plasticized and sealed. It does this without causing unnecessary buildup on the stone surface.


Gypsum Harnder by Whip Mix

Replaces water as the gauging liquid for mixing with gypsum materials where increased hardness and reduced brittleness are desired; will also improve the “running” or flowing quality of the mix. It does not clinically affect the other properties of the die or model materials or plasters. This formula is not damaged by freezing.

Durol Hardening Liquid by Bego

Cold hardener for investment models

  • Durol and Durofluid are used cold and penetrate extremely well into the surface of duplicate models during hardening; the models become hard and smooth.
  • There is a 25% saving in time and energy, as a drying temperature of 150°C is adequate.
  • Quantity: kit
  • Packaged:  1 x 2oz Resin / 1 x 2oz Thinner
  • Item number: 1384
  •  Quantity: gallon
  • Item number:  1388
  •  Quantity: Litre
  • Item number:  1394
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Hydro-Smooth by Vacalon 

Is designed to eliminate surface tensions and bubble formation when pouring dental models or investing wax patterns.

Using HydroSmooth allows materials to freely flow into even the thinnest areas and results in highly detailed reproductions.

Hydrosmooth also boasts the Trigger Grip™ Ultra-Fine Mist delivery system that offers ergonomic comfort and ensures quick, even coverage of debubblizer on all types of surfaces.

  • Delivers accurate, dense models and smooth castings
  • Free of alcohol and other harsh chemicals
  • Compatible with high performance dental gypsums and investments
  • Debubblizer for any impression or duplicating material
  • Will not cause unwanted reactions or poor surface texture

Wonderadmix by Dental Creations

  • No more spray on debubblizers
  • Creates a smoother stone
  • Increases strength, hardness, & density
  • Prevents chipping & fractures
  • Controls shrinkage & expansion
  • Causes greater accuracy & fine margins
  • Increases PSI
  • Improves hydration
  • Eliminates the need for surfactants
  • Quantity: 8oz or litre
  • Item number: 1240 / 1242
  • Quantity:  32oz
  • Item Number:  1244
  •  Quantity:  3 gal Kit
  • Item Number:  #1390
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  • Quantity: 8 oz or Litre
  • Item number: 2198 / 2199
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Die Spacer by Garreco

Die Spacer is used to provide sufficient space between the die and crown to accommodate cements used during seating.  Garreco fast drying Die Spacers are formulated with additional ingredients to help seal and protect dies from wear and abrasion.  Garreco’s quality guarantees uniform thickness time after time.  Available in 2 oz (brush cap) bottles or 4 oz (refill) bottles.

• Alcohol-free
• 0.0% espansion
• Uniform thickness

Indication for use: Provides sufficient space between die and crown to accommodate cement

Sizes: 2oz or 4oz

Colors: Blue (7mic), Grey (11mic), Thinner

Tru-Fit Die Spacer by George Taub

A controlled technique for relieving dies before wax-up, by alternating coatings of gold and silver colored liquids over the die for uniform coverage of 25 microns space.

Each coat is aproximately 6 microns.

Liquids are fast setting.

Use on stone, amalgam, plated or epoxy dies.

It is a high spot indicator.

Tru-Fit’s gold and silver colors can be used as a visual aid on models for patient education. Gold solution can be used to simulate crowns, inlays and bridgework. Silver solution can be used to simulate amalgam restorations, partial denture framework.

According to studies at a leading university, precision castings will not seat, be as much as 200 microns, unless relieved. To provide adequate space for cement and common internal discrepancies for ALL crowns and inlays, four coats of fast-drying Tru-Fit will provide much better marginal fit by allowing castings to seat more completely. Tru-Fit also greatly reduces the need for occlusal adjusting.

COLORS:  Gold or Silver

Rubber Sep Separator and Release Agent by George Taub

Especially for Composites and Acrylics

Rubber Sep is a latex liquid that creates a peelable film. It is a die spacer, release agent and separator for acrylic and composite resin restorations. Paint a thin coat onto a preparation and let it dry which takes a few minutes. The pink Rubber Sep dries translucent red and white Rubber Sep dries clear. The prep now has a 12 micron coating that allows the resin to cure onto the surface, making the cured resin easier to remove.

Acrylic resins tend to shrink when they cure and tighten onto the prep, making it difficult to remove. This can result in breakage of the stone model. Rubber Sep makes removal easier and results in space between the prep and the inside of the provisional for cement space. When applied intra-orally, using an instrument, the rubber coating does the same thing as on a stone model, but also prevents the free monomer of the resin from harming the tooth. It also acts like a thermal barrier from the heat generated as the resin cures. This gives the dentist the added security of knowing that the resin will not attach to the tooth, which would make removal more difficult, should the resin begin to cure prematurely. When using Rubber Sep intra-orally, place a drop on a mixing pad. Work off this pad, so as not to contaminate the rest of the Rubber Sep bottle.

Bleaching Trays:
Rubber Sep has been shown to be very effective for providing the extra volume on the labial surface of the model for bleaching gels. By applying the liquid from the bottle with the convenient applicator brush, a film of 12-18 microns (or more if desired) is formed after the liquid has dried. Air or heat hastens the drying time. The vacuum formed plastic bleaching tray does not stick to this and the color does not transfer to the tray. After the tray is formed, the film can be peeled off of the model. Rubber Sep is easier to apply and less expensive than the light cured materials..

Other Uses:
– Separating agent between metal abutments and stone plaster.
– Protects tweezers from acid rust.
– Makes other die spacers peelable

  • Quantity: 2oz or 4oz btl
  • Item number: 1366 / 1367 / 1368
  •  Quantity:  1oz Gold or Silver
  • Item Number:  1370 / 1372
  • Accessories:  Thinner 8oz #1380 or 32oz #1381
  • Quantity:  1/2oz, 3/4 oz or 4oz
  • Item Number:  4oz - 1365
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Die Lube by National Keystone

 This Die Lube is a quick-dry lubricant. It flows smoothly on any surface and contains no mineral oil. It evaporates quickly into a microscopic thin film that doesn’t lose detail or fit. Available in 4 oz. and 32 oz.

Die Lube by Hi-Tech

Die Lube is a superb ultra thin lubricant for stone, metal, porcelain, acrylic and epoxy dies and numerous other surfaces to which it is applied. Wax patterns will come off effortlessly.

  • Quantity: 4oz
  • Item number: 2192
  • Quantity:  1oz or 19oz
  • Item Number: 2194 / 2195
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Saw Blades & Frames

Pin Saw Frame by National Keystone

This Pin Saw Frame is for 5″ blades. Frame is adjustable.

Pindex Saw Blades by Coltene Whaledent

  • .007 (.18mm) Saw Blades
  • .010 (.25mm) Saw Blades
  • Quantity: each
  • Item number: 1322
  • Quantity:  100/pkg
  • Item Number:  .007 #1320 / .010 #1321
  • Quantity:  sold by dozen or package of 100
  • Item Number:  .007 -  PX201 (12) #1325, PX301 (100) #1326, .010 - PX302 (100) #1327
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Zapit Block Out Material

Zapit BASE was developed to fill-in all voids and undercuts, or to correct anomalies in models and dies.Zapit is also used to join wax patterns, metal, or porcelain segments together prior to removal from the model. The Zapit system is excellent for:1. As mentioned above, the Zapit System is the standard in the industry for ‘fixing’ any anomalies (air bubbles, undercuts, base-up areas, etc.), in working dies.

2. Relating cast parts together prior to fabricating a matrix for soldering procedures.

3. Partial and orthodontic laboratories can also use Zapit to maintain the position of clasps or wires on the model, again while producing a matrix for soldering procedures.

4. Zapit is also helpful in holding precision attachments and implant parts in position during complicated fabrication procedures.

5. Zapit ACCELERATOR is used extensively to set or harden traditional cyanoacrylate adhesives for use with model & die repairs; the gluing into position of dowel pins; or quickly adhering glue-on articulators to stone or plastic bases.

  • Quantity: bottle
  • Item Number:  Accelerator 16oz #1275
  • Item number: Base 0.7oz #1265
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Glue & Accelerator

  • Quantity: Btl
  • Item number:  Glue #1260
  • Item number:  Accelerator #1270
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