Impression Materials

Virtual Impression Material by Ivoclar

Virtual Hydrophilic Precision Impression Material by Ivoclar

  • Hydrophilicity and Contact angle
  • Excellent wettability
  • Excellent moisture displacement characterisitcs
  • Outstanding readability
  • Customized to accomodate all clinical needs

Break down:

  • Extra Light Body (Low viscosity) Type 3, putty/wash impression
  • Light Body (Low viscosity) Type 3, putty/wash impression
  • Monophase (Medium viscosity) Type 2, single phase impression
  • Heavy Body (High viscosity) Type 1, Heavy/light impression
  • Putty (Kneadable – very high viscosity) Type 0, Putty/wash impression

Ordering Info:

Refill (2x50ml + 12 mixing tips)

  • Extra light body regular #562827
  • Extra light body fast #562828
  • Light body regular #562829
  • Light body fast #562830
  • Monophase regular #562831
  • Monophase fast #562832
  • Heavy body regular #562835
  • Heavy body fast #562836
  • Putty regular (2x300ml) #562839
  • Putty fast (2x300ml) #562840


Stainless Steel Impression Trays By Keystone

Stainless Steel Impression Trays are created for use with alginate or any other type of impression material where detailed reproduction and dimensionally stable results are vital.
They lock impression material in the tray to prevent distortion when removing it from the mouth.
Uniform thickness gives superior rigidity for consistent results.


Edentulous Tray Aways® Disposable Impression Trays

Edentulous Tray Aways® are single-use, perforated edentulous impression trays that can be easily drilled for implant impressions. These unique and economical trays allow for maximum material retention and accuracy without the use of an adhesive. These high impact styrene trays provide an excellent impression with outstanding details.

Edentulous Tray Aways® are anatomically designed to be patient friendly and to allow for a perfect fit in just one visit. Offered in three convenient sizes: small, medium, and large.

Key features and benefits include:
– Economical and disposable
– Perforated for maximum material retention
– Adhesive optional
– Easily adapted for implant impressions
– Ergonomic with built in handle
– Anatomically designed
– No overflow of impression material
– Burr trimmable
– Non-toxic, no patient reaction

Tray Aways® Disposable Impression Trays

 Tray Aways® Disposable Impression Trays are THE original plastic tray! Updated throughout the years, used not only in dental but also implant. Earned its place in your office.

Tray Aways® are the disposable impression trays of choice suited for use with alginate or other types of impression materials where detailed reproduction and dimensionally-stable results are vital.

Made from rigid, high-impact styrene, Tray Aways® assist in generating a consistent, unsurpassed impression free of distortion or bite through. Smooth, rounded edges, interior retention slots, and vertical perforation enhance material retention. The best value on the market.


BoTrays® Disposable Impression Trays

BoTrays® Disposable Impression Trays are a sturdy, simple, and economical choice when consistent impressions are needed.
These disposable green impression trays are made from rigid, high-impact FDA approved styrene and organic FDA approved dye. Alginate “grippers” and slotted walls allow the BoTrays® to provide consistent, unsurpassed impressions with reduced gag effect.

No retakes! All materials bond to the tray due to the unique system of holes and slots design which reduces tissue displacement.


Green Envy™ Tray Cleaner by Whip Mix

  • Removes alginate and gypsum from impression trays naturally – pH Neutral
  • Dissolves the alginate and plaster residue – interacts instead of reacts with soils and surfaces
  • No need to scrape or scour
  • Gentle to the skin and biodegradable – safer for the skin and safer for the environment
  • Concentrated – mix with water to clean approximately 200 trays
  • Quantity: set or each
  • Item number: Please call for ordering information
  • Quantity:  bottle (1lb)
  • Item Number:    09637 / 5079
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